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Toppan’s Open Innovation Program "co-necto" is in its 5th year.
co-necto is a "demonstrative" open innovation program co-created by Toppan and local partner companies.
In fiscal year of 2020, more than 150 start-up companies have applied. Currently 5 PoCs are underway and/or under consideration.
Through the demonstration of this program, we will support the Product Market Fit and create new services and product solutions by three parties including the partners (partner companies). We are looking forward to your participation by preparing a wide range of demonstration fields with partner companies in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Toppan will support applicants by providing
demonstration fields with partner companies.


Application Requirements OUTLINE


  1. 1. Companies or organizations with corporate status.
  2. 2. Companies or organizations with in-house services and products that can be verified by the use of PoC.
  3. 3. Companies capable of collaboration with Toppan and Partners.


  1. 1. Competitive advantage/innovativeness
  2. 2. Contribution to solving social issues
  3. 3. Business and market growth potential
  4. 4. Does the PoC plan meet the needs of partner companies and Toppan?
    (Check the "Partner Companies Introduction Sheet" that will be released early August before formulating a plan. You can propose multiple PoC project. When the partner company introduction sheet is released, we will notify to all applicants.)


  • 1st stage screening application documents
  • Final stage screening Online pitching
    * Partner companies may participate in the final selection on a voluntary basis.


Enter the entry form and submit the following documents I. and II.
I. Entry sheet
* Excel (xlsx) format
Download the form from the URL which will be displayed on the screen after entering the entry form and fill it out.
II. Selection materials
* PDF or PowerPoint (pptx, ppt) format
Layout is free and all of the following items 1 to 3 must be included

  1. 1. Company profile
  2. 2. Service overview
    (Overview of the solutions your service provides, issues your service can solve, competing service markets, etc.)
  3. 3. Contents of PoC that you want to carry out with Toppan and partner companies.
    (including cost estimation)


  • ・ We cannot answer inquiries regarding the progress, content and results of the examination.
  • ・ No materials (including selection documents or reference materials) submitted with the application will be returned.
  • ・ The results of the examination do not guarantee that PoC will be implemented for businesses that have passed the final examination. Details regarding the implementation of PoC will be decided through discussions between Toppan and the companies who have passed the final stage screening.
  • ・ As to the application materials and planning contents included therein it is the responsibility of the applicant company not to infringe upon the intellectual property of any third party including copyright, patent right, design right, utility model right or trademark right. Please conduct a thorough survey in advance.
  • ・ As a general rule, the copyright of materials submitted for screening shall be retained by the applicant company.
  • ・ In regard to the attribution of inventions, devices, designs, copyrights, know-how and other intellectual property related to the implementation of the demonstration project contents, ownership shall be decided in consultation between the applicant company and Toppan. It will be decided after a separate consultation. In addition, if the applicant company, alone, wishes to acquire intellectual property rights for an invention, device, design, copyrighted material, know-how, etc., please be sure to declare it to the co-necto secretariat when submitting the materials for the first examination.


  • Communication

    • ・New promotion method for digital promotion.
    • ・Smart store services such as to collect customer data, self-service checkouts and IT technology to improve work efficiency.
    • ・Services that activate local communication, etc.
  • Automation

    • ・DX solutions related to streamlining store management, factory and logistics operations.
    • ・Solutions that are useful for digital BPO, such as those that utilize AI or RPA.
    • ・IoT base platform that can be used for business automation, etc.
  • Health life science

    • ・Services utilizing IoT related to health promotion and beauty.
    • ・Services that contribute to companies health management.
    • ・Services related to visualization of nutritional information and improvement of dietary habits, etc.
  • DX ・ DataDriven

    • ・Services that contribute to promote public service management DX, such as to simplify and digitalize administrative procedures.
    • ・Use of 5G Solutions to solve company on-site problems.
    • ・Services related to customers relationship management (CRM) analysis platform and marketing automation, etc.
  • Smart City

    • ・Services related to MaaS such as new means of transportation.
    • ・Solutions related to finance such as payments and credit services and personal data utilization.
    • ・Services related to Real Estate Tech and Prop Tech utilizing IoT and IT, etc.
  • SDGs

    • ・Services and solutions that contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society such as new energy.
    • ・Services that help to solve social challenges such as food waste and/or restaurant support and/or smart farming.
    • ・Services to eliminate educational inequality, etc.
  • New Lifestyle

    • ・Solutions that promote work style reforms such as telework.
    • ・Solutions that realize new customer experience.
    • ・New services that help to avoid “ Three Cs” which are closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings, etc.


Providing PoC fields and assets

We will support you the demonstration project from planning to implementation.We will provide you according to plan, fields and assets.

Partial support for verification costs

For the amount of payment, the contest host will subside an average cost of about 2 million yen per company.
* Maximum support up to 2/3 of the cost, 1/3 will be borne by the applicant

Press releases
about PoC

Before and after PoC verification, we will carry out press releases in collaboration with Toppan and partner companies.

Verification of the demonstration project will be followed by consideration of joint venture

After the PoC verification, we will share the verified results and sort out the issues appeared and review the possibility of mutual collaboration.

Partner Companies PARTNERS

We will welcome companies that promote innovation and new businesses as partners,
and will promote demonstration projects in collaboration with the applicant company and Toppan.
  • アストラゼネカ株式会社
  • 株式会社
  • MBTリンク株式会社
  • 株式会社 奥村組
  • 九州朝日放送株式会社
  • 九州旅客鉄道株式会社
  • 株式会社QTnet
  • 西部ガスホールディングス
  • 株式会社 新出光
  • 株式会社ダスキン
  • 株式会社中国新聞社
  • 中国電力株式会社
  • 株式会社 テレビ西日本
  • 株式会社
  • 株式会社 西日本新聞社
  • 西日本鉄道株式会社
  • 株式会社
  • パーソルテンプスタッフ
  • 阪急阪神不動産株式会社
  • 株式会社


Collaboration Case CASES




Supporting companies/

Toppan resources
we can provide

A feature of Toppan is our wide network across a variety of industries.
We provide you with comprehensive support, including R&D.
  • Domestic bases
    As of March 2021
  • BtoB network
    As of March 2021
  • R&D expenses (consolidated)
    million yen
    End of March 2021 forecast
  • Main global bases
    As of March 2021

About business domain

Development and provision of "total solutions" that take into consideration both business and social issues

Information & communication

  • Security

    We provide state-of-the-art and optimal security.

  • Content Marketing

    Based on synergy between marketing, technology and creativity- we create the best content.

  • BPO

    We maximize corporate value by contributing to business improvement and innovation.

Living & industry

  • Packaging

    Offer comprehensive package solutions in a wide range of business areas.

  • Décor Materials

    Produce comfortable, safe and secure living space.

  • Performance Materials & Energy

    Provide high-quality and high-performance products globally.


  • Displays

    Providing high-quality, display-related products with advanced technology and productivity.

  • Semiconductor Business

    Totally support the semiconductor industry with advanced technology.

* These are sample images.


Multiple applications are possible. If there are multiple themes you want to apply for, please apply multiple times along with a proposal that fits each theme.

Yes, you can do the application with the condition that you check the archived video distributed separately before you are attending.

No. Although many of the applicant companies are supposed to be startup, any company or organization can apply as long as it has a new business or a new service, however old it is.

Yes, a company with new services can apply for co-necto 2021.

No. The applicant company that has passed the final screening shall discuss with Toppan which partner company to carry out PoC together with.
In addition, the intention of the partner company needs to be confirmed.

The maximum PoC cost is not limited, but the average amount of support is supposed to be 2 million yen per applicant company.
The amount of PoC cost shall be decided upon in the consultation and planning of the demonstration project by PoC after the final screening.

It shall be paid after the amount is confirmed.
Payment terms including method shall be decided after the consultation.